Nevertheless, She Persisted

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” Words said about Elizabeth Warren last night as Mitch McConnell explained why she could now no longer take part in debate on the Attorney General nomination.

“Nevertheless, she persisted.” Words I have been thinking about a lot today. They’ve seemed to be a theme, I think.

Anxiety tried to get me this morning. Nevertheless, she persisted and actually worked today.

Fear tried to get me in yoga class today. Nevertheless, she persisted and nearly (finally) achieved crow pose.

Shame tried to keep me from going to the therapist. Nevertheless, she persisted and sure enough, made it to the office, through a full session, and a serious weight’s been lifted.

But back to yoga class. Because while those three instances all do prove that perseverance is a theme, the yoga piece is important.

One of the instructors at my studio focuses on one region of the body over the course of the month. January was hips (that was a lot of fun, honestly–I’ve always had pretty tight hip flexors and now they feel much better) and February is full of legs as a whole.

While setting our intention, the instructor asked us to call to mind times where we (class this morning was me, my wife, and one of our friends–it was glorious!) were knocked down and had to stand back up.

There were so many times that were called into my mind. Liz Warren served as an inspiration for me too. She stood up for what she thought was right and while she wasn’t allowed to speak (because misogyny and sexism, of course), she still went and read the letter to over a million people on Facebook Live. She persisted.

And of course, there were quite a few times of my own that came into mind. So many. Recent, not-so-recent… Real dark things. Softer, more “trivial” things.

But regardless of what things seemed like, how bad they were, or whether or not I thought they were the end, somehow, I stood up. And I’ll keep standing up. It’s the only thing I really know how to do anymore. Stand up.

Because, like Liz Warren and so many other strong women I know, nevertheless, I will persist. 

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