On to the next…writing challenge.

Yesterday at 11:57pm Eastern Standard Time, I submitted the manuscript to a very rough draft of my very first fiction piece for the phenomenon known as National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). I had never participated before and while I knew that it wouldn’t be easy going in, I was going to do it.

I’m usually not good at finishing challenges I start. I usually peter out in the middle and give up about a third of the way or sometimes–if I’m lucky–halfway through.

This chart is a good indicator of that.

nanowrimo chart

Yesterday, I wrote nearly 22,000 words in a fury to get to that coveted goal of 50K. It was a long night, complete with hand cramps, tweets of random GIFs, and using a scarf as a set of handwarmers because typing so much made my fingers turn ice cold.

Now that I’ve finished it–so far–I need a new venture. I need something that will flex my writing muscles outside of the work that I do every day.

And so, thanks to a very good internet (and fellow National Capital Region resident and baseball fan) friend of mine, I discovered the idea of Yule (B)logging, a daily writing challenge for the month of December, keeping writing muscles working and talking about the good tidings and cheer of this holiday season. (As I write this, my favorite version of “Holly Jolly Christmas” is playing in the background; not of my own volition, but by pure happenstance.)

I’m looking forward to sharing the love this holiday season with my friends and family near, far, and even over the internet.



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