I’m falling asleep sitting up. And so I will ramble.

I’m falling asleep sitting up once again. It’s one of the things that my mom did when I was still living at home,and I inherited from her. I tend to fall asleep sitting up, just when I’m not paying attention, or when I’m overly tired.

I can’t sleep while commuting though. Commuting stresses me out and is a huge anxiety trigger for me. You would think that, commuting nearly three hours a day five days a week would make it a little easier…but it doesn’t. I still get anxious, I still worry I’m going to miss my stop or I’m going in the wrong direction.

Lately, after the debacles of last week, it’s been a lot of worrying about my surroundings. Creepy men, odd situations, the unfortunate circumstances of the weather, thinking about a lot of potential scary possibilities. It’s a lot of anxiety and worrying while I’m doing something that happens so often and something that is so normal and ordinary for other people.

Someday I hope that I can be a little more normal and not let my anxiety run my life anymore.

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