Another Social Media Challenge… Really, Jess?

I failed at Vlog Every Day in August…again. (I did make it farther than last year, so that’s a good sign. One of these years I’ll be successful.) For me, writing is a lot better. There are some nerves involved, but I’m a lot better with written words than spoken ones.

So, after spotting a tweet from Amanda, I discovered Septemblog. And since I’ve been in a writing funk (on the work side and on the personal side) lately, it’ll be nice to have a challenge to push me to keep writing and a community to help me improve.

The rules of engagement for Septemblog are on Jem’s blog if you’re interested. I don’t know what to do about finishing the rest of the words required for this post.

If you’ve got any ideas of things you’d like to hear my thoughts on, I’d love to hear them.

And here’s to the next 4,500 words and 30 days.

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