From the Desk of…

I never used to be as organized as I am now and I wasn’t ever really a fan of writing on desks. When I was younger, I’d always sit with my legs crossed, knee leaning against the table or desk’s edge, notebook in my lap. If I was really focusing on something, I’d have my hair tied back in a ponytail. That was the cue that I was Not to Be Disturbed Under Any Circumstance. (There’s really no cue for that now that I’ve got short hair–other than an apparently intimidating scowl.)

I used to write and work like that so often that my senior gift from my high school band instructor was a small, flowered clipboard. (He got that idea because I probably spent about 40% of rehearsal time cramming to finish my AP Stats homework that was due in less than a half hour from the time band actually started.)

Now, I’ve gotten much more used to using a desk and only occasionally pull out my old habit. But the one that has replaced it has become using a wide array of notebooks.


There’s one for work, one for play, and one for everything else–at least what I’ve got here at the house now. There’s another couple that I keep exclusively at work for work things. But these are the ones that get used the most.

My handy-dandy bullet journal is probably my favorite.


It was modeled after my friend and coworker Amanda’s, and I can’t see keeping track of my work story progress any other way. My boss introduced me to the idea of tracking multiple stories at multiple stages of the creative process pretty recently and while I was initially very skeptical of the idea, keeping track this way is definitely making it easier and frankly, a lot more fun! (He also referred to it as being like a “beat writer” and I just enjoy that term so much that I had to at least try it.)

There’s a little purple notebook that I use as a catch-all of sorts.


This little guy has lately become the best for taking notes on impromptu meetings–just grab it and a pen (generally purple or lime green because I love bright colors) and I’m ready to go. These are for the notes that I will probably need in five minutes and will forget if I don’t write them down. I first got this notebook before heading out on a particular work-related assignment–which became my favorite work-related article to date. It came from very humble beginnings, but has become a real gem in the collection.

And then there’s the notebook that I use for my personal blog; the one that continuously tells me to “follow your heart.”


This one I just started using because I was finally finding inspiration again. I was finally feeling inspired to write for fun again and was losing track of all the *really great* ideas I was having while I was commuting, while I was at lunch, while I was in the Starbucks line. (At least, at the time, I thought they were all *really great.*)

I guess becoming organized and growing into my desk is all part of being an “adult.” I guess they’re not so bad–this whole post came from one.


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