Put a Ring on It

Summertime is wedding season. So many of my friends and friends of friends and coworkers and family members and on and on and on are getting engaged or getting married or celebrating anniversaries this time of year. It’s almost exhausting.

As a woman who loves other women, there’s a stereotype: the “U-Haul Lesbian” to where it’s common place that after two dates women move in together and after five they get married. I’m not of that mindset–never will be.

Of course, I am the type that has their own Pinterest board of wedding items: dresses, table settings, shoes (lots of shoes!), themes, signature cocktails…with a cliched title. Even though for the longest time I said I was never going to get married.

I’m now of the age where I’m still a little too young to be married, but old enough to where it wouldn’t be unheard of anymore. (I’ll be 23 in 23 days.) I’ve got a woman in my life who is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t be upset to spend the rest of my life with her.

But, I’m just…not ready to put a ring on it yet.

Editor’s Note: This post was inspired by today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

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