Measure Your Life in Love

I was planning on bringing back one of my favorite features I started last summer while filling the funemployment time before starting my big kid (and current) job, but with some important things happening in my adopted hometown of Washington, DC, I thought something like this was a little more important. (That and it’s probably going to be my favorite thing to happen this Friday.)

The Supreme Court today ruled in favor of killing all of the same-sex marriage bans in the country. The fourteen states that previously had banned them can no longer. To me, this is probably one of the most important things to happen in a long time.

For a woman like me, who loves women and is romantically involved with one that I can see being with for a long haul. (Not the U-Haul, mind you!) this is a huge step. I can get married. I can have my marriage recognized. I can have the woman I love by my side forever and for always.

kristi and jessWhile I never used to want to get married, I can see myself doing it now. I’d be happy if I never did, but I’d be happy if I did all the same.

Thank you to the Supreme Court justices who realize the importance of treating the LGBTQ+ community with respect, courtesy, and dignity and allowing us to love the men, the women, and everything in between, that we love.

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