While You Were Away…

To steal the phrasing that belongs to my social media platform of choice. While I was away from this blog, there was a lot happening in my actual life; both professionally and personally.

  • I became a Featured Blogger over at GovLoop (which is where most of my non-work writing time has gone). This basically means I’ve been writing about topics pertaining to working in government–like the songs I listen to when I am crashing on a project or the things I learned from J.B. Fletcher.
  • I have a romantic relationship. (Yeah, I know. That’s not important–except that to me it is because I hadn’t been romantically involved in over a year when I met this beautiful lass.)
  • I continued to write about anything and everything for work. Lots of work writing and lots of work frustrations…but it’s worth every minute.
  • I redesigned this blog! (Technically I did this not long before I wrote this post, but I did and I’m not sure I like it yet, but it’s better than it was. So, hopefully with the new look I’ll be more inclined to spend time here!)

One thought on “While You Were Away…

  1. Congratulations Jessica! Good luck with your romantic relationship! I hope you are happy with her. ^_^

    Keep on writing!

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