The Art of Second Guessing

I’ve even been doing it with this post.

This is a great idea, Jess. Go for it. Someone will read what you have to say. Everyone goes through the process of second guessing.

Only to be followed by:

That’s a terrible idea. Erase it. Give up. You’re no good at this writing thing anyway.

Except that I am. I have to be. I get paid to do it every day and if I get paid to do it it must mean I’m pretty good, right?

Yes. You are. You can write.

Not really. I think…

That last part is the problem. “I think…”

I think too much. I don’t take risks and psych myself out of anything that can remotely be good. But for fear of what? Failing?

People fail all the time. It’s nothing new. You just start over.

Yeah, but you’ve failed now. You weren’t good enough now. Who or what’s to say you won’t be even worse later?

The beauty of life is that the same voices that could be telling you you’re worse could also turn around and say you’re better. You don’t know…unless you stop dabbling in the art of second guessing.

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared on Medium.

2 thoughts on “The Art of Second Guessing

  1. Second guessing is in my nature so I rarely get things done in the process. I cannot stop thinking. I know I need to stop it but it is easy to go back.

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