Stream of Consciousness Saturday (November 15)

Today’s (well, yesterday’s) topic is “elements.” I’m late…again. (This time, I had the post just chillin’ in my Drafts and forgot to hit Publish. WordPress fail.)

I spent a good chunk of this morning in bed, knowing the temperature outside will not agree with my skin, my body, or my general outlook on life. My current house is being shown today and so I can’t be there. So I had to pull myself out of the blankets that shrouded me in such comfortable warmth and protected me from all the things I have to face today (apartment hunting being the biggest and most daunting of all). 

I pulled myself out of the bed. I pulled myself into the elements–walking to the local library branch, where I sit writing this now. I had never been here before–and I’m sad that I have to move because I actually do enjoy this library. I hadn’t been to a library since my service term ended. I had forgotten how much I loved them–how much I loved the quiet, the feeling of a new place, a new space, where people don’t know me and where they won’t judge the words on the page…

One thought on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday (November 15)

  1. It’s wonderful to find a nice spot where you can feel comfortable. I hope you’ll find a new one near your new place, when you get there. Maybe it’ll be very close-by. 😀

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