A Day in the Life (October 2014)

I’ve been meaning to join in on this fun linkup from Manda over at Musical Poem for a long, long time. Now that I’ve finally remembered to do it, I’m quite excited. Here’s a bit of the fun from yesterday–October 30.

8:15am: Slowly but surely waking up. I have already checked my email approximately three times. This blanket does not want to budge and let me out from underneath it–even though I know I MUST be at work at a suitable hour. (Also known as some time before 10am…)


8:50am: I have finally unearthed myself from the blanket pile, gotten dressed, and headed out the door. This is probably my favorite view on my entire commute to work. There’s just something about this street that captivates me each and every day. (Except in the rain. I hate the rain.)


9:05am: I make it to the Metro station–magically just in time for the train. I’ve gotten quite good at that as of late.


9:35am: After several train delays (I don’t know what’s with these trains lately–more delays on Green and Yellow than normal.) I make it to L’Enfant Plaza–the final stop before the walk to work. Escalators are a great place to showcase my really cool burlap Toms and the cute purple(!!!) skirt from H&M I wore yesterday. (Not pictured: the green and black striped Burton sweatshirt I threw on over top of everything because it was super cold when I left the house.)


2:00pm: I am at my desk, drowning in a sea of multicolored sticky notes…which is never a bad thing–I can gauge the day’s productivity by how many sticky notes are in my planner/on my computer desktop/on my computer’s keyboard/on me. I will probably have to open the pack of sticky notes in my bag soon–I’m almost out of these.


5:35pm: Finally leaving work. I had some things come up in the afternoon which caused me to leave later than I had wanted to. (Typical of this job and of me–I don’t ever really stop working.) The sky yesterday was just really pretty.


6:10: Off the train. Finally. This is one of the few times the Howard side escalators were working, and so a picture was definitely necessary.


6:23pm: Spotted this really cute sign outside of a new restaurant on Florida Avenue. I’m a sucker for Pikachu.


6:28pm: I had to take this picture because it makes me smile when I walk against DO NOT ENTER signs. I’m a pedestrian and therefore I do what I want (within reason and within the parameters of not getting injured by moving vehicles).


6:38pm: Made it to the house. I will miss these pinwheels when I move out next month.


8:45pm: Settled in, back in my comfy bed, with my laptop, the Knicks game, and social media. Life is good.


Clearly, I’m a pretty boring person–not too much going on outside of work. They say that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and it’s probably right, but I actually don’t mind it…

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