Stream of Consciousness Saturday (August 30)

I forgot the last two Saturdays between work and craziness going on, but I’m not forgetting today!

This week’s prompt is: age.

I blog about my age a lot. It’s one of those things that makes me unique in a place and an agency that are, well to put it quite frankly, older than I am. The agency I work for has been trying to move toward younger faces, and you can see it all the time. You can still see the older, more experienced ones–and those are my favorites.Β 

One of my favorite questions to ask anyone I work with when I first meet them is “What did you do before you started working for [the Agency]?” And you get a barrage of different responses, different industries. I’ve met people who are military veterans (thank you all for your service!), who worked in the film industry, who worked in the music industry, who were Hill staffers… The list goes on.

What did I do before I started working for the Agency? I went to college: I studied French and Political Science–with a concentration in global politics. It’s funny and slightly ironic now that I spend my time writing in English for the American government. That irony doesn’t escape me.

I wish I had a fun back story–a “well, I traveled the world and I worked doing something completely unrelated to this” but I don’t. The craziest part of my back story is that I worked at a convenience store/gas station/ice cream shop in my hometown for two years–which was my first job.

I suppose not having a cool back story is part of being the youngest person in the office. I wish I could say that I’d traveled a lot or done a lot of cool things, but I haven’t.Β 

They’ll come with the job.

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