Life Adjustments

Tonight, I have the house to myself, with the NASCAR race and a margarita. I’ve been doing a little bit of research for a work project, but nothing substantial has come of it. It’s a long weekend, after all. I shouldn’t be focusing on what’s supposed to be done in the office. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll care a little more.

Right now, I’m thinking about the fact that I haven’t really made any friends here–I find myself on the couch, drinking a margarita, and feeling lazy.

It’s hard to make real-life friends. It’s even harder to make real-life friends outside of your work circle, when you’re a workaholic like me. I go to work, I go home. That’s it. Occasionally I go out to a bar. But that’s very occasionally. 

I could tell this was going to be hard–but never like this. Hopefully someday it gets easier. For now, I’ll look forward to dinner with other AmeriCorps alums on Monday. 

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