I’m Trying…

Right now there’s a lot of stuff going on. My work-life balance has yet to establish itself (I’m clearly working more than I should be) and there’s some hiccups with a lot of things at work which are making me work more and harder than I need to when I’m at home.

Right now, I’m trying to find that balance–to find that equilibrium between working and living. I’ve never really had that; it’s always either one extreme or the other (generally in the more-towards-working direction) but never really struck that true balance. 

This blog has rather unfortunately been thrown to the wayside (yet again) as I have been working, but I hope that finding a way to update it either every day or every other day (even if it means scheduling posts in advance on nights when I don’t fall asleep at or before 8pm) would be a good way for me to be able to strike that balance.

Not checking my work phone every four seconds on the weekend (even when there’s an earthquake in Napa County, CA–stay safe everyone out there!) would probably help too…

For now, just know, that I haven’t forgotten and don’t plan to forget. This blog has helped me hone my skills and professionalize my personal brand just a little bit more. It’ll be nice to use my “digital storytelling” skills outside of “all-hazards” situations. And plain language. Because plain language is great.

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