Friday Favorites (August 8)

I think the ultimate favorite thing going on right now would have to be the fact that I will be back to work on Monday morning bright and early. That makes me extremely excited. (I’ve been waiting for this day for about three months now. THREE MONTHS. But it’s finally here and I’m ecstatic. I always said I would have a job where I love what I do, and that’s exactly what I’ve got. I couldn’t be happier.

Enough gushing about my gainful employment and onto the list…

Around the Internet:

  • I’m still participating in VEDA! That’s right, I’m doing a challenge that I haven’t given up on after about five days! All my VEDA videos are in a playlist so you can catch up! 🙂
  • 19 Books that Will Get You Through Any Breakup. Buzzfeed’s got a list for everything. I probably won’t need this list for a long time, but I’ll keep it on hand just in case. #singlegirlproblems #foreveralone

DC Specific

  • I had my first mani-pedi this week. (I know, 22 years old and JUST having my first mani-pedi. I’ve never really been much of a girly-girl but I must look presentable for work on Monday!) We (my roommates and I) went to Mimosa. It was heavenly.


  • Bang Bang was the song of the day as I was traveling and it’s my latest music obsession. (I first heard this song while watching the TODAY Show and Al Roker was talking about it…)

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