The Mysterious Woman

Today we’re going back to 2008, during my trip to France. I spent nine days living with a family and four days touring Paris. It was a fabulous experience and I’ve always wanted to go back. You can bet that will happen soon–now that I have a big kid job.

The prompt said to find the first picture you have with someone you don’t know, but this is the one that always comes to mind:

Nothing makes me laugh more than seeing that strange woman behind me. I remember when this picture was taken like it was yesterday–it was disgustingly hot on the Champs-Elysses but I insisted on having my picture taken in front of l’Arc de Triomphe. I was the epitome of tourist, just like I believed the woman behind me to be.

(Looking at this picture now, she kind of reminds me of Chancellor Merkel…but not as well-dressed.)

I think she’s a tourist, possibly from the state of Germany, finally having a chance to explore the rest of the EU. She’d saved up her money for years to finally be able to afford this trip and was going to finally see all of the landmarks she’d read about in history books.

It’s funny, because I was there doing the same thing.

This prompt comes from the masterminds of The Daily Post.

One thought on “The Mysterious Woman

  1. we are all tourists. sorry, that sounds deep! but we are. when visitors come, don’t you go and see the stuff you never go to see because you live there, and you’ve never taken the time to look at it?

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