Friday Favorites (August 1)

Happy August! August is my favorite month of the year for about a bajillion reasons. The weather is great, it has my birthday (on Sunday!), and I start work in ten days!

I’ve been dealing with a pretty nasty case of writer’s block, but I think the new month will be a great cure for that.

Around the Internet


  • My mother made me watch this because I didn’t know who the Solid Gold Dancers were. It’s full of very bad 70s dancing and awful Village People outfits.

NY Specific

  • Our family has a tradition. Every year since my second birthday, I’ve had an ice cream cake from Holy Cow. It’s my favorite part. It’s only a bonus that the Huffington Post said it was one of the best ice cream shops in America.
  • I like traveling. A lot. I also enjoy taking pictures while going over bridges. (This is the Rip Van Winkle bridge over the Hudson River.



  • I spent ten months serving in AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps. Today, they rolled out a great annoucement that you can now choose what campus you serve with! (I’d still pick the Atlantic Region because my Unit Leader and Team Leader were absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.)


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