Just A Hundred Words (July 22)

This week, I have found a new prompt from Velvet Verbosity. The task is to write a one-hundred word story each week. I love challenges–and I’m definitely looking forward to taking this one on. Each week, a new word is chosen and stories must center around that. This week’s word is “faded.” (I may have gone a little past one hundred words on this one–but I really liked where it went…it’ll take some practice for me to get it right.)

…It’s been nearly three years since her heart has been broken. You would think that the feelings she had would’ve dissipated by now. But as she walked across that smoke-filled bar in search of her third Jack and Coke of the evening, all the feelings came back—as if she’d drank them with that whiskey.
“Eric…?” she called timidly into a small group of people that were smoking cigars like it was their job.
“Sara, wh—what a surprise to see you here,” he gasped.
You could’ve knocked them both over with a feather. The only way to describe it was “serendipitous.” The one thing that was faded were his old blue jeans…

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