Friday Fun

I am currently en route to New York via Megabus and Amtrak. I should arrive at home about quarter to midnight tonight–given everything goes smoothly. Knowing me, that probably won’t happen… but if you want to keep tabs on everything that happens during this epic journey, I’m sure I’ll be updating this throughout the day as well as livetweeting. You can follow my adventures of this voyage home, as well as my daily life, by following @jstapfinator!


The bus was scheduled to depart at 11:30. Actual departure time? 11:45. I felt myself getting more and more snarky and impatient by the second. I’m still unmedicated and so I’m not well-suited for things to not go my way. I was happy to be able to get myself my signature Starbucks beverage: the triple venti white mocha.

It’s now noon, the couple sitting across from me is a pair of adorable internet nerds, just like me. The girls sitting to my right are gossipy, just like many of the girls I know back home. I’m at home, in my element, and grateful for the bluetooth iPad keyboard I’m typing on and the table seat I paid an extra five dollars to reserve.



We have stopped at the White Marsh Park and Ride, where a slew of other people have entered the bus. It is incredibly inconvenient. I DID NOT WANT TO STOP AT ALL. Alas, I have no say in where this bus goes/stops.

Needless to say, I miss my nearly seamless Amtrak ride. I didn’t have the funding to be able to afford the entire trip on Amtrak, hence the bus, but you can bet I will be taking Amtrak all the way home to DC.



We just passed the exit for Perryville, Maryland. If you know anything about Perryville, you know that it’s a very small town. You also know that this entire section of my life began in Perryville.

Perryville is the home of a VA Medical Center, where the headquarters of the Atlantic Region of AmeriCorps NCCC is also located. I served as part of the inaugural FEMA Corps class at that campus, from August 6, 2013 to May 21, 2014. It was the experience of a lifetime that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the entire world. I got to experience so many different things and meet so many new people: including my teammates that later became like a second family to me. (You can read more about our adventures on our website

I wouldn’t be living in DC, I wouldn’t have this wonderful job writing for a government agency if it wasn’t for my FEMA Corps exploits. I’m getting a little nostalgic, but it’s to be expected… I get this way every time I go through this area… and its happened at least three times since I graduated from the program.



New Jersey! It’s a long state to drive through and a long state to be awake while driving through. Usually I sleep for this portion, but thanks to the white mocha I drank before leaving DC, I’m awake–at least for a little while.

I think I either will take a nap or delve into Dorian Gray… for this bus ride is boring and my phone is being a twit. That and I should probably save some battery–and the only thing I forgot (that I know of right now) is the power strip that I’m infamous for traveling with. I’m very disappointed in myself for forgetting that. It’s a necessary piece of my travels.



I am nearly out of patience and I may cry. The fact that I can see the Freedom Tower and the Chrysler Building right now doesn’t help me feel better at all. I’m dealing with things both back in DC and back in New York and I’m frankly exhausted and now both decaffeinated and unmedicated. I see a triple venti white mocha in my future as soon as I get off this god-foresaken bus.

I was able to sleep for a little while, but not nearly long enough to make any semblance of a difference in either my mood or location. Fell asleep in New Jersey, woke up in New Jersey.

Remind me never to take a bus into New York City again. It’s definitely one of the worst decisions I’ve ever elected to make…

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