A Post About Grieving

Occasionally, grief hits you at the strangest of moments. You could be sitting in bed, reading about cookies someone baked today, and all of a sudden you remember someone you lost. Someone who meant the world to you–but you never showed it. It’s strange how you remember, when you remember–it could be the middle of the day or the middle of the night. 

But you will always feel like there is something you would’ve, could’ve, should’ve said. You could’ve said thank you. You would’ve said you appreciated them. You should’ve hugged them. 

But all of the “what if I had done x, y, or z”s will stay that way forever. They won’t change. You’re left questioning, wondering “what if?” for the rest of your life.

All I will say is that I wish I could’ve done all of those things and that I miss you very much. I hope I’m making you proud.

2 thoughts on “A Post About Grieving

  1. Reblogged this on Good Lifestyler and commented:
    That’s what seems to hurt deepest, all the ‘what if’s that run through your mind. The hardest thing to do is to accept the finality of the situation. I try to look at the other side; all the things that you DID manage to do, all things you still CAN do to make sure that the memory of what has been lost can live on in some way. Great article!

  2. This is true! I Swear this is true!! I couldn’t have even said it any better! …I guess you have to keep going though. Just try to accept it or ignore it and just keeping doing what you do.

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