It’s the Little Things

Being an adult is weird. Living in an apartment is weird–to me at least. Living in an apartment on an air mattress for nearly a week is not normal. After six days of air mattress life, I finally have a real bed: my first piece of actual furniture that is my own. I assembled the bed frame by myself, moved the mattress up the stairs myself, and put them together myself.

It’s a very small thing to most people, but after sharing a bunk bed with my brother for what felt like a bajillion years, cardboard dorm mattresses, cardboard mattresses in building 9H during my AmeriCorps NCCC year (Atlantic Region, whatup!), cots in a vacant Sam’s Club, and Extended Stay America beds, it’s nice to finally have a bed that I can call my own. 

It’s strange–now I finally feel like I’m making this room my home. I’ll be living here for the foreseeable future and I’m pleased to be doing so.


3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

    1. I’m glad that someone else appreciates them. I learned a lot about appreciating small things while in AmeriCorps, and now that I’m actually out on my own, I’m learning more than I thought I already knew.

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