Last week, I wrote about the abundance of articles containing lists that has taken over social media. I decided I was going to make a project out of it–to see just how many lists I have seen in a week. It has been a very fun and interesting project, which probably says a little more about me than about the internet…

Monday, June 23:

  1. 8 Lies You Tell Yourself Once You Have A Real Job (Thought Catalog)
  2. The Seven Biggest Buts* in History (Huffington Post) *Note, there is one T for a reason!
  3. 12 Classic Mom Texts You’ve Received At Least Once In Your Life (Thought Catalog)
  4. 23 Popsicles That Will Get You Drunk (BuzzFeed)
  5. 44 Things All Short Girls Can Relate To (Total Sorority Move)
  6. Secrets of a Coupon Maven: Seven Money Saving Tricks ( …I really like couponing…
  7. 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be (Thought Catalog)

Tuesday, June 24:

  1. 26 of the Best Vintage Cocktails** (Business Insider) **This is more of an infographic, but it’s in a list format. And it’s awesome, so it counts
  2. 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier (Hungry for Change)
  3. 110 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Building a FroYo (BuzzFeed)
  4. 11 People Who Cat Call Women On The Street Explain Why They Do It (Thought Catalog)
  5. 11 Obscure References in Classic Songs–Explained (Mental Floss)
  6. 10 More Obscure References in Classic Rock Songs–Explained (Mental Floss)
  7. The Five Things I Look For When Doing Blogger Outreach (LinkedIn)
  8. 90 Things You Haven’t Thought About Since the 90s (BuzzFeed)
  9. 12 Fantastic Cover Songs You Need In Your Life (Thought Catalog)
  10. 20 Reasons Why Women Should Enjoy Being Single in Their 20s (Elite Daily)
  11. 18 Inanimate Objects That Understand Our Human Struggles (Huffington Post)
  12. 10 Ways to Celebrate The 4th of July in Washington, DC (
  13. 10 Things Grown Women Have That Girls Do Not (Thought Catalog)
  14. 34 Ways Disney Movies Are Completely and Totally Messed Up (BuzzFeed)

Wednesday, June 25:

  1. 17 SomeeCards That Are Too Sassy For Their Own Good (BuzzFeed)
  2. 30 Things You Need To Know About the Hudson Valley Before You Move There (
  3. 8 Things to Understand About Panic Attacks and How to Prevent Them (The Frisky)
  4. 10 Highly Underrated Songs from the 2000s (Thought Catalog)
  5. 45 Times The Notebook*** Turned You Into An Emotional Wreck (PopSugar) ***Wednesday is the 10th Anniversary of The Notebook’s release. It started our obsession with Nicholas Sparks novels…except my obsession with this book started long before the movie. And it is, to this day, my most dog-eared paperback.
  6. 20 Things People With Bitchy Resting Face Are Tired Of Hearing (BuzzFeed) …This article bothered me because it’s actually called “Resting Bitch Face.”

Thursday, June 26:

  1. The Top 10 Ice Cream Shops in America (Huffington Post)
  2. What Your Drink of Choice Says About You (BuzzFeed)
  3. 32 Essential Toys Every 80s Preschooler Had (BuzzFeed)
  4. 35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now (BuzzFeed)
  5. 49 Thoughts Everyone Has at Chipotle (BuzzFeed)
  6. 5 Daily Struggles of Being the Most Awkward Person in the Office (Thought Catalog) … I relate very well to this list. Almost too well.
  7. 29 Thoughts We All Have (But Never Admit To) (Thought Catalog)

Friday, June 27:

  1. The 13 Best Ice Cream Flavors of Summer 2014 (Huffington Post)
  2. 25 Absolute Truths Womanhood Teaches You (Thought Catalog)
  3. 21 Hilarious Times Steve Harvey Lost Faith in Humanity on Family Feud (BuzzFeed)
  4. 19 Questions I Would Like to Ask Sephora (Thought Catalog)
  5. 30 Things Everyone Who Went to College Will Understand (BuzzFeed)

Saturday, June 28:

  1. The 12 Struggles of Life After College (BuzzFeed)
  2. 22 Life Lessons from Tina Belcher (Thought Catalog)
  3. 24 Fonts That Failed So Hard They Almost Won (BuzzFeed)

Sunday, June 29:

  1. Top Spots to Catch the Fireworks in DC (
  2. The 10 Most Passive-Aggressive Things You’re Doing on Social Media (Mashable)
  3. 11 Things I Loved About New York (The Pioneer Woman)
  4. What Your Drink of Choice Says About You (BuzzFeed)
  5. 10 Things We Need to Make Cool Right Now (Especially #8) (Thought Catalog)
  6. 13 Things Everyone Pretends to Enjoy in Their Mid 20s (Thought Catalog)
  7. 31 Surprising Facts About Orange is the New Black (BuzzFeed)
  8. 7 Ways to Accept Your Body Right Now — Not “If” or “When” (Thought Catalog)
  9. 5 Lip Products You Need for Summer (Thought Catalog)
  10. 24 Thoughts Every Girl Has While on Tinder (Thought Catalog)
  11. 8 Things That Happen to Women (But Not Girls) (Thought Catalog)
  12. 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has to Be (Thought Catalog)
  13. 28 Inspiring Decor Ideas to Satisfy Your Wanderlust (BuzzFeed)

2 thoughts on “Lists

    1. I definitely got a new perspective on my internet habits…and my interests. Other than that, I didn’t get anything. It was pretty awesome though. It was nice to have a purpose for what I would’ve done anyway.

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