Friday Favorites (June 27)

Fridays are the best days of the week. Especially because I get to share my favorite things!

Around the Internet:

  • This week, I’ve been given the opportunity guest post on HarsH ReaLitY. It has been a great privilege to share my writing and my thoughts with a new (and much larger) audience. Thanks to everyone who has read my entries there and found my blog via those posts and hopefully you continue to read what I write.
  • I’ve also spent a lot of this week working on the project of list articles that I wrote about last week. It’s coming along quite nicely and I’m really proud of it. (That, and I’ve learned a lot of interesting things.
  • Lightning Safety Awareness Week is this week. Make sure you’re aware of the dangers of lightning. The READY Campaign’s section on thunderstorms is very useful.

Beauty Products



  • I really like sports. I was able to watch the World Cup game between the US and Germany yesterday. I only get into soccer around World Cup time, but that was very exciting.
  • The NHL Draft is tonight! I’m already hearing news about trades that are going on and I’m getting excited. My Sabres could use some fresh meat since they finished last in the overall league standings last year. (Very disappointing.)

Television Shows/Events

  • I have yet to emotionally recover from this week’s Rizzoli and Isles, which is why the recap hasn’t been posted yet.
  • I still absolutely love the Golden Girls marathons on Hallmark Channel at 11pm each night. Two hours spent with four of my favorite women in the world makes me extremely happy. And although the show was off the air before I was born, I still see a lot of myself in Mrs. Devereaux. (At some point, I’ll get into much more detail as to why I love them so much.)


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites (June 27)

  1. You mean the Maple Leafs didn’t make the bottom of the league this year? C’mon guys! You know you love playing golf! 😉
    Thanks for the mention. I’ll look forward to reading your post tomorrow! 😀

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