I spend a lot of time on social media. I spend a lot of time reading articles containing lists. Lists like “13 Little Signs You’re Doing A Pretty Good Job At This ‘Being An Adult’ Thing,” “The 18 Most Underrated Cities in the United States,” or “The 30 Things That Happen When You Get A Gigantic Zit.”

I don’t know why these lists became such a huge phenomenon. It used to be just a once-in-a-while thing. I wish they would STOP already.

Every time I read a relationship list, I feel like I’m lacking something in my life or personality. I get more and more insecure and self-conscious.

Every time I read a travel list, I have the worst case of wanderlust.

There are so many lists of so many different things. I just made a list of my favorite things for this week, and each Monday I make a playlist of 10 songs I’m currently listening to…trying to fit in with the current blogging culture of endless, endless lists.

Next week I will make a list of all the list articles I read in a week. It’ll be a social experiment.


6 thoughts on “Listing

    1. It’ll keep me busy, that’s for sure… I lost track of how many I actually read this week. A lot I just scroll past because they seem stupid, but some are actually good. I’m looking forward to that project!

  1. I agree with you about all these lists online. So many are pointless and unhelpful! But I admit I do read them because they’re easy to skim through and yeah, sometimes just fun. I actually found your blog through the travel tag and then I saw that you mentioned the “18 Underrated Cities” list and I intern for that website! Not Huffington but Global Yodel. Haha, what a coincidence. Working for them = wanderlust extreme 😛

    1. Well, you’re in luck because next week there will be a list of list articles that I have read over the week, just to prove that point! That’s so funny that you intern for GlobalYodel. It seems like such a cool place to be able to work! 🙂

      1. It’s a great place and I love the whole concept behind it – seeing a place through a local’s eyes.
        Oh God, I would hate to know how many list articles I’ve read so far in life. Can you imagine? That number would be huge. I feel they shouldn’t even be called list “articles”…But I’m looking forward to that post next week…if you provide links to each one you’ve read then oh boy, I’ll be clicking haha

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