Friday Favorites (June 13)

It’s time for another list of favorite things of this week! 

Around the Internet

  • America’s Most Queer-Friendly Cities from the HuffPost. One of my favorite cities in the entire country, Albany, NY made the list! I was in Albany when I made the discovery that I was gay and it made a world of difference.
  • Crimes Against Hugh’s Manatees. One of the funniest tumblogs I have ever followed. Each day, there is a new hand-drawn comic and they never cease to make me laugh. Thursday’s post is especially funny to me since I have the phrase “Stay Hungry” tattooed on my left arm.
  • “Building A Bridge”: a post about breakups that are difficult to get past. A short and extremely relatable read. (Found via my search of WordPress blogs to follow.)
  • NPR’s List of “Five TV Shows That Deserve Another Chance. You’d be surprised at what they chose. (Note: I’ve had the theme song to their first choice stuck in my head for days.)
  • RetroJunk. Are you looking for information about television shows you watched when you were young that nobody else remembers? Guess what! RetroJunk has it! (My personal favorite section is the one about Eureeka’s Castle. If you don’t know what that is, you missed out.)
  • Shopkick. An app that gives you “kicks” or points whenever you walk into stores or scan products. Kicks can be used to get cool rewards like giftcards to your favorite stores! (My Shopkick is currently set to accrue points toward a Sephora gift card…)

Health/Beauty Products


Television Shows/Events

  • Major Crimes returned this week! (Note: Rizzoli and Isles–the internet’s favorite potentially-lesbian crime fighting couple–doesn’t return until next week.)
  • The FIFA World Cup began yesterday. The month-long soccer tournament will be the topic of discussion for a long time.
  • The First Star (read as: MVP) of Game 5 between the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings had to be a pile of snow. Watch the incredible save by the snow-pile and Derek Stepan here.


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