Bad Moon Rising

There are few superstitions I actually believe in. Some I find to be absolutely absurd. But the one I truly believe in is the magic and power of a full moon. This year, the full moon in June falls on Friday the 13th. The moon is closest to the earth at this time. According to data gathered by the US Naval Observatory, the moon will be fullest at 12:12am EDT.  

June’s full moon has a variety of names — Mead Moon, Rose Moon, Strawberry Moon or Honey Moon — that reflect its southerly declination, since the humidity and haze of the midsummer air appears to give a warmer tint or color to its surface, according to the observatory.

I’m curious to see the color of this moon. I always love when the moon is a different color. 

Hopefully only good things happen out of this, and nothing strange like Blanche’s Moonlight Madness Party.

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