Slow and Steady

It’s about time I started a “real” blog. I’ve been a Tumblr addict since I was a senior in high school (we’re talking March 2010), and while Tumblr has never treated me poorly, trying to get hired to a “big girl job” means that I should have a more “professional internet presence” (whatever that means). This is my attempt at doing so.

I just graduated from AmeriCorps NCCC FEMA Corps, I’m a UAlbany alum, and an avid social media user. My BA is in French and Political Science (with a Global Politics concentration). I have a lot of opinions and thoughts and I look forward to sharing them.

Why pick the title of “Painted Turtle Shells” though? 

I have loved turtles as long as I can remember. They have almost always been my favorite animal, and if you believe in reincarnation, you would understand my thought process that in a past life I probably was one. I move slowly, I’m kind of shy, and I really like the color green. (If you believe the “shy” part, I have some ocean-front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you — bonus points if you know the reference.) 

Here goes nothing. Welcome to my life of dog-sitting, job-hunting, country music, and watching sporting events. (And Oxford commas. AP Style be damned, I will use Oxford commas until the cows come home.)

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